WATCH: Embattled Prophet Bushiri Hands Himself To Police

PICTURE: Texas Express

CAPE TOWN: Prophet Bushiri has since denied the allegations made against him.

According to the parody twitter account, @AdvBarryRoux, the controversial prophet handed himself to the police after they failed to arrest him. 

“Crooked Shepherd Bushiri has been avoiding the police for a while, Yesterday SAPS went to his church to arrest him & some Police officers who protect him managed to hide him. Today Bushiri handed himself over to the police accompanied by his lawyer Barry Roux,” @AdvBarryRoux said. 

The controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is alleged to be making so much money from his churches in South Africa that he’s able to send R15 million a month back to Malawi, Sunday World reported.

They allege the money leaves in vehicles including his private jet.

According to the paper’s police source, a number of witnesses in the church’s leadership have come forward with information that money gets “cleaned illegally” into various businesses in Malawi.

They also claimed that Bushiri orchestrates carefully planned false miracles as part of his services, while his collaborators are now apparently demanding to be paid more for playing their part in his alleged duping of the faithful.

Bushiri has faced criticism for allegedly encouraging the poor to hand over their savings and even sell their belongings in exchange for miracles.

In March, a group of Christians who gathered to march against rogue churches in Johannesburg were forced to withdraw placards criticising Shepherd Bushiri due to a high court interdict prohibiting them from defaming the controversial prophet.