Aspen’s New Facility To Employ 500 People


By Isaac Ndou

JOHANNESBURG: JSE-listed company Aspen Pharmacare have announced they will be creating 500 new jobs in their new facility in Port Elizabeth which is estimated to have cost around R1bn to complete. 

The new facility which was opened on Monday will produce specialised products for chronic conditions, including certain cancers. The 500 people who will be employed will add to the already employed more than 2000 people in South Africa and to their 10 000 employees globally.

The medicine powerhouse’s CEO Stephen Saad  is also in the process of establishing a training  academy to equip their employees with national accredited qualifications in  pharmaceutical  manufacture to increase production. 

“Aspen continues its evolution into a global speciality manufacturer of niche products requiring complex technologies. The high-potency manufacturing facility we are opening today represents such complex technologies.”

“The commissioning of this facility further cements Aspen’s position as the largest private ingestor in the South African pharmaceutical industry, with its manufacturing operations constitution a significant portion of the installed pharmaceutical volume capacity,” said the CEO. 

The products at the new facility are for Alkeran, Leukeran and Purinethol (treatment of late-stage cancers), Imuran (prevention of organ tissue rejection in liver and Kidney transplants, as well as treatment of certain auto-immune diseases and Benztropine (treatment of Parkison’s disease). 

The facility which will roughly produce about 3.6 billion tablets per year and package around 3 million bottles monthly. 95% of the new products will be exported to target markets in Latin America,  Europe,  Asia and Africa.