Miguel Angel Gil Marin: “Enough Is Enough” Over Antoine Griezmann Pursuit

Picture: soccerblog

MADRID: Atletico Madrid CEO Miguel Angel Gil Marin issued a statement concerning FC Barcelona interest on Antoine Griezmann.

Gill Marin is totally furious with Barcelona’s attitude, following instance rumours in relation to Griezmann possible move to the Camp Nou.

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We’re fed up with Barcelona’s attitude. That a president, player and a board member speak the way they’ve done about the future of a player with an existing contract and just a few days before disputing a European final, is an absolute lack of respect towards Atletico Madrid and its fans.”

The CEO added that “Atletico Madrid’s stance is very clear and has been made public on numerous occasions. Not once have we negotiated for Griezmann nor do we have any intention to do so.

“A few months ago, I personally expressed to Barcelona’s president that our player isn’t for sale nor are we going to sell him. At the same time, I let him know that his inappropriate conduct was against the integrity of the competition, especially since we’ve been competing for the league title throughout the season and Barcelona have been continuously pressuring one of the most relevant players from our squad.

“I also told him in that moment, that in the chance the player exercised his right to nullify his contract due to their pressure throughout the season that Atlético de Madrid would demand Barcelona compensation for their inappropriate behaviour.

“Enough is enough. I hope this statement serves its purpose and that us Atlético fans can enjoy this moment and prepare ourselves for a final like we should.”