Legendary Photographer Sam Nzima Has Passed Away

PICTURE: Mpumalanga News

By Dumezweni Ndweni

NELSPRUIT: Sam Nzima passed away at the age of 83, in the Nelspruit Hospital, Mpumalanga last night.

Nzima the man behind the iconic 1976 June 16 photograph of Hector Peterson being carried by Mbuyisa Makhubu during the 1976 student uprising in Soweto.

Nzima’s photograph that was taken in June 16 was then published in the world and after that Nzima was then put under house arrest for 19 months in Lilydale, Mpumalanga.

The iconic photo is the symbol of June 16 Youth Day and will forever remain in history.

Time magazine described the photo as one that made the world take notice of apartheid. “Suddenly the world could no longer ignore apartheid. The seeds of international opposition that would eventually topple the racist system had been planted by a photograph,” the magazine wrote.