This Is Her Job

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A young driven and dedicated woman, Sinegugu Silangwe, coming from a small town, Port Shepstone, is here to bring about change in the country, through helping young people to get employment.

After graduating from the University of the Free State as a Food Scientist, she decided to follow one of her many goals, by establishing a company called #TheJobIsMine. She hopes to bring effective development and growth among her peers and the community as a whole.

Being born and bred in a small family of four in a Township called Gamalakhe, by business minded parents, learning the ins and out of business at an early age propelled Sinegugu to the world of business.

“I was raised by parents whom are unique in their different characters, which showed so much compassion in love and discipline. Both being school principals, bringing so much dedication and hard work towards their work even throughout the communities they worked for.”

“Both my parents owned businesses,” said Sinegugu.

Her dedication to youth development is imbued in passion and dedication which helped her set objectives high and embark on missions as a businesswoman. #TheJobIsMine “Aims to raise young successful and bold professionals, who will grow confidence in knowing that it’s okay to be different and goal oriented,” she said.

“We are ‘striving for recognition’ from potential employers, therefore, we offer quality services that will make clients have confidence in their CVs and make them apply for more opportunities.

“It’s more than just a ‘pay cheque’, we want to help our clients so much that we have to go deeply into their backgrounds, achievements and skills,” she said.

Sinegugu is deeply devoted into her family despite the demanding job and business. She ensures she has a balanced healthy lifestyle.

“Family is important to me. I make it a priority to spend as much time with them. During the week I spare time to catch up with them after work, during sleeping hours I use it to focus more on catching up with work”.

“My business operates on Saturdays, and it’s my duty to make sure I’ve covered everything so I spend the afternoon with friends and family. My Sundays are non-negotiable!” said Sinegugu.

Her clients have shown so much support towards her business. She believes she has attributed such growth to free public relations from her clients. She shares her secrets into receiving endless support.

“[We get an] average [of] 80 clients per month. That is huge for a new business. Our secret is to make the client happy and deliver exactly what they want. Additionally, we deliver quality services at an affordable price.

“We also take pride in what we do, in a way that one pats themselves and say ‘ngiyishayile’. When a client is happy, they will tell others about your good work,” she added.

Her relationship with clients goes beyond. She has devoted herself into helping young people who are mainly affected by the difficult unemployment rate.

“Most people out there lack the knowledge on recruitment learning and we want to assist them by creating them CV templates that are designed attractively, short (1-2 pages) and precisely, as well as, educate them and prepare them professionally for the working world.

“We striving for a business that will be a home for young people who need assistance in every way possible, that includes, sharing new job posts.

“It’s our mission to grow and expand the business and possibly target more young professionals, especially those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds,” she explained.

Her dream is to see more young individuals that believe in their own abilities and talents beyond employment opportunities.

“I want to create a youth that is passionate about working, but also rise above than just ‘working’, a youth that is aware that they have a capability to do much more than what they can think for themselves. A youth that is not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and strive to be recognised for their many talents, knowledge and skills.

“They must always bare in mind that we not just targeting people who are experienced but we also assist those with no experience, those who want to begin somewhere and grow themselves into successful young professionals,” she concluded.

If you need help with your CV that will bash down many doors for you, Sinegugu can be contacted on the following details:

Call or WhatsApp: 066 232 6714


Facebook page: This Job Is Mine