Board Of Deputies Defends Israeli Troops For Deadly Attacks


By Dumezweni Ndweni

JOHANNESBURG: Board of Deputies for British Jews reacted to the violence scenes and the loss of life at the Israel and Gaza boarder.

President of the Board Jonathan Arkush and President-elect Marie Van Der Zyl said: ”We are profoundly anguished at the violent scenes and loss of life at the Israel and Gaza border”.

The Board maintained that Israel is just defending its people.

”No state could allow its boarders to be breached by those who openly wish to harm its civilians. Israel is defending it’s people from repeated violent attempts and mass invasion,” the statement continued.

“The responsibility for the violence lies with Hamas, a terrorist organisation with explicit stated aim of murdering Israeli civilians and ultimate destruction of Israel,” Arkush and Van Der Zyl said.

The violence comes after the United States of America inaugurated its first embassy in Jerusalem on Monday. It is reported that at least 60 Palestinians have died in the violence.