Ramaphosa Turn Down Moyane’s Settlement Demands

PICTURE: Mail Media

JOHANNESBURG: President Cyril Ramaphosa has refused a request by suspended Sars Commissioner Tom Moyane to reconsider a settlement that would see him leave office.

Moyane had asked the president to agree that he be paid out for the remaining 18 months of his contract plus bonuses. The suspended revenue service head faces 12 charges of alleged wrongdoing.

In a letter sent to Moyane by the president legal team, Ramaphosa refuses to discuss a settlement. Ramaphosa is now adamant that the suspended head has a case to answer.

Initially, he had offered Moyane six months’ pay in lieu of his resignation. This was later increased to a full year’s salary as part of the settlement agreement. But Moyane rejected this offer and threatened legal action.

Since then, Ramaphosa has suspended him and set up a commission of inquiry into his fitness to hold office.

Now talk of settling seems to be off the table for Ramaphosa and he wants the commission of inquiry headed by Judge Kate O’Regan to do its work.

Ramaphosa has also rejected a demand that the state pays for Moyane’s defence in the disciplinary inquiry.