BREAKING: City Of Tshwane Chief Of Staff Marietha Aucamp Resigns

PICTURE: Mail &Guardian

JOHANNESBURG: City of Tshwane chief of staff Marietha Aucamp has resigned at the behest of Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga. 

Aucamp, the former chief of staff for the mayor of Tshwane, landed the R1.2-million per year job despite not having the required qualifications.

“I note that Ms Marietha Aucamp has formally tendered her resignation from her position as the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Executive Mayor of Tshwane after having been asked to do so,” said Msimanga on Thursday evening. 

“We note that following the revelations that have come to the fore, the prima facie evidence before us and the controversy surrounding the matter, as the Executive Mayor, I had no option but to ask her to resign.”