Moyane Demands Immediate Start To Disciplinary Probe

PICTURE: Mail Media

JOHANNESBURG: Suspended South African Revenue Service (Sars) Commissioner Tom Moyane has issued another demand to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The embattled head of the revenue collector is demanding that his disciplinary inquiry starts immediately.

Moyane is facing 12 charges of misconduct at the same time that he’s being investigated by the Hawks.

In the latest exchange of legal letters between Moyane’s legal team and the State attorney, the suspended head of Sars is demanding that the inquiry headed by advocate Azhar Bham begin in the next few days.

Moyane is also insisting that the president be called before the commission as a witness to explain why he’s lost confidence in him.

He says that he wants to raise concerns about the alleged unfairness of the inquiry before it starts, however, Ramaphosa is unlikely to agree to testify before the commission.

Moyane and Ramaphosa have been sparring through legal letters since he was suspended and the commission of inquiry into his fitness to hold office was instituted.