NPA Boss Shaun Abrahams May Consider Delaying Prosecution Zuma

PICTURE: Mail & Guardian

JOHANNESBURG: Prosecutions boss Shaun Abrahams has received a letter from Jacob Zuma’s lawyer asking for his criminal prosecution to be halted.

Michael Hulley has asked the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for a stay in the prosecution while a legal fight over who will pay the former president’s legal fees is concluded.

Jacob Zuma’s legal fees may no longer be footed by the state, if the DA’s court application is successful.

While he fights for tax payers to continue funding his legal battles, Zuma now wants his criminal prosecution delayed.

Zuma is expected to appear in court next week and his trial was due to start in November. According to NPA spokesperson Luvuyo Mfaku, the NPA boss received a letter from Attorney Michael Hulley and is considering the matter.

“He did receive a letter and he is currently engaging his leadership and his deputy in KZN before they respond.” 

It is likely that the NPA will not oppose a postponement.