BREAKING NEWS: Knysna DA Mayor Removed By ANC

PICTURE: Knysna-Plett Herald

KNYSNA: Mark Willemse from the DA was unanimously voted in as the new executive mayor of Knysna, with COPE member Ricky van Aswegen as his deputy.

The conclusion of a tumultuous and chaotic special council meeting at the Knysna Council chambers this evening has ended with an approved 2018/2019 budget, but also with the ousting of now ex-mayor, Eleanore Bouw-Spies. 

There was a chaos at the Knysna council chambers after the meeting was adjourned.

This is after the chief whips from opposing parties had a caucus. Speaker Georlene Wolmarans said after the multiparty caucus they have reached a deadlock and that it is now up to her to decide, “and we will continue with the agenda as it is”, and that there will not be further discussions.

New Knysna Municipal Ward 9 Councillor and Mayor, Mark Willemse being sworn in by Manager Legal Services

African National Congress (ANC) councillors then interjected, saying, “Speaker, speaker, speaker! ” and councillors from the DA also contested for the Speaker’s attention.

Bouw-Spies and the rest of the DA, excluding Willemse and former deputy mayor Peter Myers, walked out of the meeting right before a motion of no confidence was set to serve in council, brought on by the ANC.

The vote was 11 to 1 against Bouw-Spies as Speaker Georlene Wolmarans was the only official to vote against the motion. Afterwards she recused herself from voting in a new mayor. 

The election of the new mayor and deputy was watched over by acting speaker Victor Malosi of the ANC.