The Killing Of Councillors Impacts On Local Government

PICTURE: Trevor Samson/ Business Day

JOHANNESBURG: Local Government Minister Zweli Mkhize says there’s a link between political killings and the collapse of municipalities.

The minister previously announced that only 7% of municipalities in the country are functioning properly, with many more in a state of distress.

The Auditor-General also painted a dismal picture of the municipalities last month, revealing that no municipality in the North West achieved a clean audit.

Political killings have increased, especially in KwaZulu-Natal where President Cyril Ramaphosa has tasked security cluster ministers to intervene in curbing murders.

Mkhize says the killing of councillors impacts on local government.

“There’s a tendency we’re beginning to see where the murders of councillors and the stability of council… there are irregularities and interference with procurement processes. All of these issues need to be nipped in the bud.”

He says that preventing these murders also become a serious expenditure problem for municipalities as guards have to be organised for councillors.

The ministers says he will meet with the security cluster to discuss the killing of councillors and the impact on local government.