“Do Not Provoke Me” – Zuma Warns SACP


JOHANNESBURG: Former President Jacob Zuma has warned his detractors against speaking about him, warning them that “he can handle them the way he wants”.

On Wednesday, Zuma addressed student organisation Cosas in Durban ahead of his court appearance on Friday.

Zuma’s warning comes after the South African Communist Party (SACP) discussed him at its central committee meeting at the weekend, accusing him of fighting back against anti-corruption measures.

Zuma says there are people who like to talk about him and he says that provokes him.

Zuma says that he’s been keeping quiet and not fighting back because he had the responsibilities of a president.

“I kept quiet when I was the president of the country and I warn them they must keep quiet.”

The former president says his detractors must know that if they continue to discuss him, he will “handle them the way I want.”