SA Economy Actually Worse Off Under Ramaphosa – Alberts

PICTURE: FleetWatch

JOHANNESBURG: Chairperson of the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus), Anton Alberts, said the 2.2 percent decrease in South Africa’s economic growth was shocking, adding that the African National Congress (ANC) was actively trying to ruin the country’s economy.

Alberts’ comments come after Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) released its Q1 GDP figures, which outlined the astonishingly poor performance of the South African economy since Ramaphosa took over at the helm of the governing party.

While some might argue that this is an indictment on the Ramaphosa administration, Alberts quickly observes that this problem extends beyond that.

“The shocking decline of 2.2 percent in South Africa’s economic growth rate is indicative of the disastrous consequences of ANC policy. Voters must now get rid of the ruling party to prevent the country from falling off the economic edge as a failed state,” said Alberts earlier this week.

“Statistics just released by Stats SA (SSA) on the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) make it clear that President Cyril Ramaphosa has had no effect on the country’s economy,” added Alberts.

“On the contrary, South Africa is worse off in his first term than in the last term under President Jacob Zuma (last term 2017), when the GDP grew with 3.1 percent,” added Alberts.

What very few people expected was the shockingly poor performance of the agricultural sector, an important pillar of any economy. Alberts said the government had failed to provide the necessary support to this industry, adding that Ramaphosa’s administration needed to do something urgently.

“The economic contraction is no doubt related to the uncertainty caused by numerous policies, like Black Economic Empowerment in general. In the mining sector, contributing factors like uncertainty about the Mining Charter causes unnecessary disruption, while expropriation without compensation may bring about damaging consequences for the agricultural sector in particular.

“The only solution to this problem is that voters must realise that the ANC failed them and that a reasonable coalition government, in which the FF Plus is the only party that protects the free market, must be formed to oust the ANC in the 2019 elections,” added Alberts.