Court Gives Zuma A Warning As Corruption Case Postponed

PICTURE: Felix Dlangamandla/Pool

DURBAN: The case against former president Jacob Zuma has been postponed to 27 July.

Zuma made his appearance in the Durban High Court on Friday, on charges of corruption. Both the NPA and the former president’s lawyer have asked for the postponement, with the prosecuting authority saying it wants to study arms company Thales’ representations to withdraw the case.

The judge granted both their requests. Deputy Judge President Njabuliseni Madondo: “By consent, this matter is adjourned to 27 July, 2018 at Pietermaritzburg. The reason for this is that Pietermaritzburg has more accommodation.”

The former president has been told to return and is out on a warning. Advocate Billy Downer started off proceedings, saying that the State is ready to prosecute but the defence is not.

Zuma’s legal representative, Michael Hulley, also told Judge Madondo that they are awaiting a response from the Presidency regarding the payment of Zuma’s legal fees.

Hulley says that a letter was sent to the Director-General’s office on 24 May regarding the case brought by the DA and EFF.

Clarity is still being sought on whether the status quo will remain or if Zuma will have to foot the bill.

The matter has now also been provisionally postponed to 27 July and will now be heard in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

Now, hundreds of Zuma’s supporters have gathered outside the court where he’s expected to address them shortly.