‘I Do Trust Him,’ Trump Says Of Kim

Trump and Kim Jong Un's historic first meeting at US-North Korea Summit. PICTURE: CNBC

SINGAPORE: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un ended their summit with a signed document that the president described as “important” and “comprehensive.”

Trump, in an interview he gave to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos shortly after meeting with Kim, said he trusts the North Korean dictator. “I do trust him,” Trump said.

“He’s de-nuking the whole place and I think he’s going to start very quickly,” the president added. 

After two lengthy meetings (one in private and one with their respective delegations) and a hearty lunch discussion over short ribs, pork and Häagen-Dazs ice cream. 

The document, which offers few details about how the aims will be accomplished, says North Korea commits to working towards denuclearization

Trump said he “absolutely” will invite Kim to the White House. He also said he thinks the summit went “better than anybody could have expected.”

Upon closing the summit, the president called the meeting a “tremendous” 24 hours.