Knysna Mayor Mark Willemse Refuses To Step Down

New Knysna Municipal Ward 9 Councillor and Mayor, Mark Willemse being sworn in by Manager Legal Services

CAPE TOWN: The Democratic Alliance (DA) has decided to take disciplinary actions against Knysna mayor Mark Willemse after he has refused to step down.

Willemse was elected mayor last week after councillors supported a motion of no confidence against former mayor Eleanore Bouw-Spies.

Bouw-Spies and the rest of the DA, excluding Willemse and former deputy mayor Peter Myers, walked out of the meeting right before a motion of no confidence was set to serve in council, brought on by the ANC.

The vote was 11 to 1 against Bouw-Spies as Speaker Georlene Wolmarans was the only official to vote against the motion. Afterwards she recused herself from voting in a new mayor. 

The election of the new mayor and deputy was watched over by acting speaker Victor Malosi of the ANC.

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Meanwhile, the Western Cape provincial leadership met with the party’s Federal Executive on Tuesday. Willemse says he is not planning on resigning and won’t allow the mayoral position to land into the hands of the opposition.

Speaking to Cape Talk earlier on Wednesday, Willemse added that not enough has been done to address problems in the caucus.

“The DA basically has not listened to any of that. It’s been dragged out and dragged out [and] things just got worse over this period of time. Without the DA actually listening to any of these things, taking cognisance of what’s been going on. Things have worsened in the caucus.”