Casino Competition Making For More Entertainment In South Africa

PICTURE: Pixabay

JOHANNESBURG: When it comes to having a good time in South Africa, there are many events and locations that someone can visit.

From the Vilakazi Street Night Market is Soweto to watching a local sports game, there’s something for everyone in South Africa.

However, one form of entertainment has really taken off in recent times. The robust world of casinos continues to be a strong source of entertainment all over the world but, it’s not just the land casinos that people have been playing games at. Over the last couple of decades, online casinos have been muscling in on the market, so land-based casinos have had to adapt to stay in the game.

This competition has bred variety from brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos, which has resulted in a varied and exciting scene of entertainment for players in South Africa.

In come the online casinos

Online casinos offer instant casino gaming with all of the same gameplay and rewards as games at land-based casinos. In fact, some of the progressive jackpots offer prizes that land-based casinos simply cannot. As there are so many online casinos, they all battle and compete to win over every last player, which has created a very diverse realm in which each player can find something that they enjoy.

However, all of this diversity has made it somewhat difficult for players to know where to play. With land-based casinos, it’s simple as players go to the nearest one or, if they’re somewhere like Johannesburg or Cape Town, pick the best in the area. With online casinos, almost all of them are available to gamers in South Africa.

Luckily, the incredible popularity of the industry has allowed for rating and review services to emerge to help guide players – making online casino gaming much more user-friendly. Websites gather up all of the online casinos, review them, and then show the best ones available to the players of South Africa. These show players which casinos are safe, what range of table and slots games they have, and the welcome offers available.

There’s a wide range of online casinos to pick from and thousands upon thousands of games to be played, and with the help of review services which streamline the selection process, more and more people in South Africa are turning to their computers or mobile devices to indulge in some casino gaming.

Land-based casinos fighting back

The obvious way in which land-based casinos initially struggled to battle online casinos is with the selection of games. Because online casinos have virtual space, they can host as many games as their software will allow – which is a huge number – whereas land-based casinos need to make use of the space within their walls.

Thanks to digital game machines and some rearranging, many land-based casinos in South Africa now boast game counts in the thousands as well. Take the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg; their casino floor has 67 table games and a mighty 1724 slot games. The Emerald Resort and Casino in Vanderbijlpark is also a classy venue with many games, including 22 tables and over 430 slots.

The biggest difference is the experience and the convenience. At land-based casinos in South Africa, people can enjoy a social experience as well as play with physical chips and coins, whereas online casinos in South Africa offer the opportunity to enjoy all of the best casino games from anywhere with an internet connection.

Casinos continue to be a strong source of entertainment in South Africa, both online and at land-based venues, with the competition between the all producing a superb gaming experience for all players.