Reduce Salaries Parliamentarians’ Salaries And Divert That Chunk To Teachers’ Salaries


Even though we have secured a very good school for our child to obtain some of the best education in the country, the thought of the costs that go with it leaves us very uncomfortable, writes MZWANDILE NONKULA

The thought of my child going to a public school in the township turns my stomach at such a speed and I respond with many irregular trips to the toilet in agony! Those in the public office tasked with fixing up our public education spend time debating, deliberating and dololo changes.

The question is simple, isn’t there a model we could copy and paste? OBE, Curriculum 2005, NCS, CAPS, RNCS or whichever correct sequence they came. South Africa has been doodling and goofing with curriculum’s and systems since the dawn of democracy with each minister of education making their lousy positions trying to earn political points. Booooo to all of you in the ruling party! I do believe that there is another change in curriculum coming shortly or before this good promising 2018 ends or has it happened just last year?

This is tragic and it calls for a moment of silence but we cannot afford to zip our mouths not even for a second. The Asians have proven to have the best systems in the whole world which look at the education holistically benefiting both the teacher and the child. Yes, there was a time when South African education was very good and those were the times when the educators/teachers were offered real and proper respect by both the government and the entire society.

This was not just by being polite towards them but by also remunerating them appropriately, not to mention carefully selecting the right people for the job. In these days, teaching is the last resort for anyone when selecting careers and that makes it a wide-open door where everyone and anyone can just walk in with 33% average from Matric. It is like a public toilet!!!

What are the Asians doing right? It is no secret really, in Singapore only the top one-third of a college graduating class may be considered for an education degree, and only one in eight candidates are accepted into the teaching profession. The governments in the Asian countries are investing a lot of money to elevate the teaching profession so that it is not looked down on. In Japan and China, teachers have equal or higher salaries compared to other government workers. Maybe we need to reduce the salaries of the parliamentarians and divert that chunk to teachers’ salaries.

While the quality of education in the United States of America does not come close to the Asians, they do invest in other schooling activities like transporting children to school, sports which South Africa is also failing on. South Africa is failing on everything. Our government looks for quick solutions which are short-term like the make-shift schools in plots where you cannot fit a proper schooling program for children. There are too many of those at Cosmo City in Johannesburg.

With the ever-changing curriculum’s, one can only wonder if those in the leadership in the Education ministry know their elbows from a frying pan or they are mere mumbling, fumbling band of baboons. Yes, yes, Bantu Education was a crime against humanity but I must say that I could easily take it instead of this yoyo currently played on our children’s future by the ruling administration.

Since we seem to be embracing Imbizo’s, Lekgotla’s, Commission of Enquiries’, Task Teams’ and all, that brings together ‘experts’, tenderpreneurs with fat cats under one roof for days, surely another similar meeting wouldn’t be a problem, would it now? The Department of Education must invite the Education Ministers from the top 10 performing countries, in which Asian countries would definitely make the majority without any form of manipulation.

Lock all this brilliance in one room, allow them to share their secrets with South African Education ‘experts’ in hope of formulating a winning system. The real magic is having the stamina when implementing because having more than 2 plans in 20 years simply suggests that those initially trusted with our education have no idea the hell they are doing.

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