Absa Is Changing Its Look From Red To… Pink?! And Orange?!

PICTURE: Business Insider

JOHANNESBURG: The bank is remaining tight-lipped about its new corporate colours, but speculation is rife. 

We’re now pretty sure when Absa intends to unveil its new look, as it moves away from former parent Barclays – but we’re more confused about just what it will look like.

Absa is reportedly looking to replace its iconic red with orange. But work underway at its headquarters in the Johannesburg CBD suggests it is not that simple.

The giant electronic billboard on top of Absa’s headquarters is telling Johannesburg to watch that space – with a countdown that ends on 11 July.

Coincidentally, 11 July is also the date to which Absa is deferring all questions about its rebranding. On Tuesday it again responded to questions from Business Insider South Africa by saying we’ll have to sit tight until then.