Fuel Price Hike Pushes Taxi Fares Up

Motorists might get a relief in November. PICTURE: IOL

JOHANNESBURG: The National Taxi Association (NTA) says fares will increase following the latest announcement of a fuel price hike.

From midnight, motorists will pay between 23 cents and 26 cents more for a litre of petrol while diesel will cost between 24 cents and 26 cents more per litre.

This is the second rise in petrol price in two months, bringing the total cost to more than R16 per litre.

The NTA’s Alpheus Mlalazi says current taxi fares are no longer practical.

“The members on the ground cannot absorb these increases that compromises our safety in the industry. As a consequence, this association is left without a choice but to increase their fares.”

The fares are expected to go up this week but the amount is still to be finalized.