Casino Software, Global Players, And ‘Riding The Roo’: Top Trading Online Companies For The 2018 Economy

PICTURE: Birmingham Mail

JOHANNESBURG: Deliveroo has been valued at more than $2billion recently, and boast about expansion plans that are going to make them a truly global player in the world of food delivery. 

In days gone by, “online companies” and “trading” were two phrases that, when combined, had the potential to strike fear in the hearts of stock traders around the globe. Indeed, the dot-com bubble bursting in 2001 meant that it has taken a long time for investors and traders to feel confident about the long-term sustainability of online companies’ stocks, especially when behemoth websites such as MSN and Yahoo! have found themselves steamrollered by the likes of Facebook and Google despite initially appearing to be untouchable. 

What has become abundantly clear, though, in 2018, is that even though the online landscape will see peaks and troughs, it is undoubtedly here to stay, which is why South Africa is having to invest in educating the workforce of tomorrow to be able to utilise the web properly, and why it is safer than ever to back the top online trading companies. 

Not A Gamble: Online Casino Stocks

The age of the internet brought with it the partial demise of physical travel agent stores and has seen giant companies like Amazon dominate book sales from out of the blue, but it is perhaps the gambling industry that has undergone one of the most dramatic changes. Plenty of software companies have battled for supremacy when it comes to creating the best gameplay for popular games like roulette and blackjack, but Playtech is a fantastic example of finding success through getting the basics right. It is this that has enabled them to be viewed as a solid investment compared to other online casino software providers. 

“Online-Poker – Chips und Karten auf dem Notebook” PICTURE: Marco Verch (CC BY 2.0)

While the profits of online casinos might rise and fall in any given period of time, the software that sits behind them isn’t going to decline in value any time soon. This, as well as investment in new technology that has helped to secure enhanced security and develop fasters payout payment methods, explains the sharp rise in share value for companies like Playtech, who have become so fundamental for the success of online casino brands, in recent times.

Keeping It Safe With The Big Guns

It’s fair to say that Facebook hasn’t had a great year in the press. Despite this, it still looks as secure and stable a company as ever before. Some are going so far as to say that new EU rules surrounding GDPR will actually further strengthen its position as the dominant social network site around the world. Indeed, if you can spot early enough the start-up companies that Facebook admires enough to want to acquire (like WhatsApp), there’s the potential to make a serious return on an investment.

It seems clear that if you’re talking about the top online trading companies that you would back to be unequivocally as strong, if not stronger, ten years from now, there’s no reason why Facebook wouldn’t be edging towards the very top of your list.

Hungry For More

Despite being a young company still, there is one name in the food business that seems hungrier than any other to become the biggest delivery name out there: Deliveroo.

“A Deliveroo Moped Delivery Rider/Driver in Manchester”. PICTURE: CC BY 2.0

Deliveroo has been valued at more than $2billion recently, and boast about expansion plans that are going to make them a truly global player in the world of food delivery.

This is a company that is not only trading well in terms of customer usage and expansion, but one which looks capable of making big returns for any traders who can bring themselves to ‘ride the roo’ and get involved with a start-up that seems to have avoided the pitfalls that so many promising online companies fall into when they attempt to expand early on.

In 2018, with the rapid pace of change in the technology world, there is no reason to be wary of online operators when it comes to trading. We’ve come a long way since the early 2000s when fears of another bubble bursting created an understandable feeling of risk. Indeed, the only feeling that should surround this discussion today is excitement.