More Woes For Duduzane Zuma As He Set To Appear in Court Again

PICTURE: Lucky Maibi

PRETORIA: The head of AfriForum’s private prosecution wing, advocate Gerrie Nel, believes there’s a strong case against Duduzane Zuma.

Former president Jacob Zuma’s son is due to appear in the Randburg magistrates court on Thursday for his involvement in a collision that resulted in the deaths of two women.

Zuma lost control of his car on the Grayston off-ramp and crashed into a taxi in 2014. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) had previously declined to pursue charges against Zuma but changed its mind.

Nel says he hopes that justice will be served.

“We’re dealing with a very brave family. The Dube family decided to apply for this during a time that Mr Zuma was still the president of the country. There was, at least at the perceptional level, that some people were sheltered from prosecution. We then committed ourselves to support them throughout this trial, as far as we can, to ensure that justice is done.”

The NPA had initially declined to charge Zuma but reviewed the decision after AfriForum announced plans to pursue a private prosecution.

Nel says that he believes there’s a strong case against Zuma even though the NPA had failed to tell the family of one of the women who died about its decision.

“The magistrate made her findings that the death was caused by the negligence of Mr Zuma. In spite of that, the NPA decided not to prosecute. Nothing has happened, there has been no further investigation, it’s exactly the same case. Only two things that changed, nothing else changed.”

Zuma stands accused of negligently causing the deaths of Phumzile Dube and Nanki Mashaba. Dube died on the scene of the crash while Mashaba died in hospital several weeks later.

The State had initially declined to prosecute the former president’s son, despite an inquest finding sufficient evidence against him.

The NPA only reviewed the decision after AfriForum’s private prosecution unit, led by Nel, announced its intention to pursue the case.

On Monday, Zuma was released on bail following an agreement with the prosecution team. It’s likely a similar agreement will be reached today.