Neither Cristiano Ronaldo, Nor Anyone, Are Bigger Than Real Madrid

PICTURE: Sky Sports

MADRID: Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to go to Juventus in exchange for 105 million euros and a contract of 30m euros per year.

The day has come. Nine years after his arrival, Cristiano Ronaldo ceases to be a Real Madrid player and does so at the age of 33 and while leaving 105 million euros in the cash register, in an operation born out of the player’s restlessness and disagreements with the leadership after his repeated financial requests.

He is sold. Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to go to Juventus in exchange for 105 million euros and a contract of 30m euros per year. It has been his desire and the leaders of Real Madrid have believed that it was the right time to release a player who will turn 34 next February.

It is clear that Real Madrid won’t find a similar player in the market (neither football-wise nor commercial-wise) because there isn’t one, as he is a beast that has raised the level of competitiveness to unsuspected levels.

Every club, however, must set a limit and that has been far surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo, who is entitled to move to Turin and the shelter of Juventus, another great European team.

There is no player who is bigger than any team and even less when we are talking about Real Madrid. The history of Los Blancos is full of success, conquests admired in every corner of the planet and by huge players.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez. PICTURE: AS English

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo made Real Madrid stronger, capable of winning four of the last five Champions League, but in that team were also Luka Modric, Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, Raphael Varane and other soldiers that without them, the Portuguese forward wouldn’t have won a thing, because nowadays football is still a team sport.

Almost a decade after joining, Ronaldo left Real voluntarily because he didn’t consider himself well treated by the leaders of the club. He does so after multiple disagreements with Florentino Perez, in a decision that matured in his head in the last six months and was made public on the field of the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, before the thirteenth Champions League trophy was even lifted by his team.

The decision was already taken and the president had to look for the good of the club and not that of a particular player. The club is above everything. That’s why he put a price on him and Ronaldo has found those 105 million euros that they asked for.

Gone are nine years of success, 16 titles and 451 goals from a player who came to be important, but in his time at Real Madrid was able to compete and be above Lionel Messi, becoming the best in the world five times.

Will that story be repeated at Juventus? Madrid had to decide and Florentino Perez did it because he believes it is the best for the club. Time will dictate, but his moment had come, the one he had wanted. Well sold.