State Employees ‘Worryingly’ Fail To Declare Business Interests

PICTURE: Mail and Guardian

CAPE TOWN: Nearly 1000 state employees have failed to declare their business interests and Parliament is having none of it!

It is quite worrying that 721 senior managers who have not declared their interests, says parliamentary spokesperson Moloto Mothapo.

“It is a huge number and it is something that Parliament has directed the Public Service Commission to give a full report on,” he said. Mothapo says there is a process which will be followed to ensure accountability.

“Sometimes you find that these managers could have disclosed because they have their own departmental disclosing authorities, but you find that the Public Service has not been updated with those disclosals,” he explains.

“There needs to be consequence management,” Mothapo said.

“Ideally we need to ensure that there is 100% disclosure of assets by all senior managers to ensure we give confidence to the people of South Africa that there is transparency and ethical leadership. We are fighting corruption and making sure there is no conflict of interest.”