Mabuyakhulu Calls Out Factionalism And Slate Politics At ANC KZN Conference


He delivered the political report to the delegates attending the ANC provincial elective conference in Durban on Thursday. Mabuyakhulu laid bare some of the problems the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal has undergone.

“Comrades we must concede that we have reached a level of polarisation in our movement. These levels of polarisation threaten to erode our public standings. This is a lesson that we should never again reach such levels of polarisation amongst us.

“Our mission demands an ANC that is able to self-correct the one that is able to manage its internal dynamics without threatening the national revolution,” Mabuyakhulu said. 

“Comrades it is not in our place to give a blow by blow account of an unfortunate period we are emerging from but it will be deliration of the revolutionary duty if we fail to say we are where we are today because we allowed the cancer of factionalism, slate politics, gatekeeping and character assassination and sometimes delegate buying to creep in within the ranks of our movement,” he added.