Gautrain Strike Ends, Unions Has Accepted 8% Offer

The Gautrain. PICTURE: Thobile Mathonsi/ANA

JOHANNESBURG: The three-week-long Gautrain strike has finally ended after the unions accepted an 8 percent offer.

The United National Transport Union (Untu) and Federation of Unions of South Africa (Fedusa) say they are pleased with the outcome, but still, accuse the employer of having negotiated in bad faith.

This comes to an end after the company reached an agreement with workers. The unions have accepted 8% pay hike across the board. We are waiting for the document to be finalized. It contains an 8% increase,” said the Chairperson of Untu, Steve Harris.  

“An increase in the minimum wage which currently seats at R6 800 to R8 500. The housing allowance has been increased from R750 to R900,” 

“And the most important is that we are able to share in some of the profits of the organization as we have demanded. They have given us a guaranteed once of payment of R5 000 [for] all employees to [pay] at the end of December,” he added.