Williams Is An ‘Emotionally Unhinged Person’ – Muthambi

Acting Director General of GCIS, Phumla Williams giving evidence at the state capture commission.PICTURE: Masi Losi

JOHANNESBURG: Former Communications Minister Faith Muthambi has accused Acting Government Communications head Phumla Williams of lying in her testimony at the State Capture Inquiry.

She described the testimony as a “travesty to derail the pursuit of truth”. On Monday Williams accused Muthambi of torturing her.

She said Muthambi was intent on stealing from the government and wanted to take all procurement responsibilities away from her.

The inquiry is expected to continue on Wednesday.

“Minister Muthambi had ripped my scars of torture. I had panic attacks… I never thought in this government people can do these things. I was tortured for weeks… She wanted to steal at all costs…”

In a written statement, Muthambi accused Williams of violating “the very spirit and credibility of the commission. Ms Williams may well have jeopardized the intent and outcome of the commission by reducing her opportunity to provide legal and credible testimony to a personal, inappropriate and unjustified attack on myself”.

She said Williams used the commission to make it “all about herself”. 

“This was the usual all-consuming sense of entitlement, the willful distortion of the facts to paint herself as a victim, casting aspersions on her erstwhile colleagues, tarnishing the reputation of the GCIS and undermining the painstaking work it has undertaken under various leaders to establish itself as an apolitical instrument to further our democracy.”

Muthambi described Williams as being a person who couldn’t pass the opportunity to tell a lie to ingratiate herself with anyone in a position of authority. 

She said Williams’ “inappropriate attempt to refer to ordinary managerial and management processes as similar to torture, and her experiences in detention, is so deliberately emotionally manipulative that it would have been laughable if her intentions in doing so were not blatantly malicious and informed by an irrational (almost psychotic) hatred for me.”

Muthambi said she would be seeking legal advice on what she called extremely one-sided evidence, laced with half-truths and blatant lies that Williams presented to the commission.