ANC Giving Drunk Drivers A Go-ahead To Claim From Rabs – DA

DA Shadow Minister for Transport Manny de Freitas. PICTURE: Roodepoort Northsider

JOHANNESBURG: The Road Accident Fund is set to be replaced by the Road Accident Benefit Scheme (Rabs).

The Bill for this scheme was tabled by the ANC recently, but the Democratic Alliance (DA) is not happy with one glaring omission which makes it seem like the Bill gives permission for drunk driving.

Shadow Minister for Transport at Democratic Alliance, Manny De Freitas says the Bill states that “you will not be required to prove whether it is your fault or not, whoever the party is, in an accident, you could both claim”.

“This is one of the crazy things that if this Bill goes through, will take place. You could drink and drive and be awarded for it, said Manny De Freitas. 

De Freitas says the Bill also states that if a child is involved in a car accident and it is proven that the child could be affected by the injury for the rest of their lives, once the child turns 18 the fund ceases. It also says that if you are a certain age, when you get to 60 the benefit ceases.

“Even if you require assistance for the rest of your life as a result of a car accident, your benefits cease. We understand their main intention is to completely cut out lawyers because we’ve got these unscrupulous lawyers,” he said. 

De Freitas says they have asked the chairman of the committee to amend the Bill to say that you will not be required to prove whether it is your fault in “certain circumstances” but the chairman of the committee said no.

He says the ANC wants this Bill to be passed at all costs.