We Should Nationalise Land, Banks And Mines – Zuma

PICTURE: Mail Media

JOHANNESBURG: Former President Jacob Zuma says that it is time that land is nationalised in South Africa.

Zuma was speaking to students at the Walter Sisulu University in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday.

He says the reason that black people are poverty stricken is because the land was taken from them.

Zuma says that the only way that black people will be free is if they get their land back.

“We should nationalise the land, we should nationalise the banks, we should nationalise the mines. We should nationalise the monopoly industry.”

Zuma adds that he will never regret bringing free higher education to the country.

Last December, the former president announced that government would fund higher education for students from poor and working-class homes.

Zuma says: “Decades from now, people would look back and say ‘it was one of the best decisions of this time, as it is a decision that will ensure that South Africa will take a stage among top nations.”

Meanwhile, the former president also denied that the state has been captured. He said the state is made of three arms of government, including the judiciary, legislature, and executive, And he insists none of them is captured.

“My view, and I’m not disagreeing with anyone, is that these are political decorated expressions. There is no state that is captured, even when people try to describe it, worse when they give evidence. There are some people who were doing things with other individuals, not a single one of the three is captured.”

The Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture is currently investigating allegations of an improper relationship between Zuma and the Gupta family during his administration.