WATCH: Drunk DA’s Premier Candidate Alan Winde

Western Cape Premier candidate, Alan Winde. PICTURE: Cindy Archillies

CAPE TOWN: Alan Winde was named the DA’s premier candidate for the Western Cape by party leader Mmusi Maimane on Wednesday.

In a video circulating on social media, Winde appears to be extremely drunk as he falls off the ground.

Speaking to the Republic Mail, an official in his office by the name of Tammy deny that the man in the video is Winde instead she said the man in the video “.. is British”. When asked how does she know that the man is British since he did not say a word. She said, “she could hear him speaking.”

“Please google a picture of Minister Alan Winde. The man in the video looks nothing like him and is clearly not even South African (he is British),” Tammy said. 

However, in the video, the Republic Mail was able to establish that the person speaking British accent is a woman, who the publication believes is the one who took the video. 

When probed further, Tammy said, “Minister Winde has nearly 20 years of experience in the Western Cape legislature, first in opposition and then as Minister of Finance, Economic Development and tourism, and ask agriculture (sic).”

“His primary goal has been to create jobs, uplifting the lives of all the residents of the province. He has worked hard to achieve this, and our province creates more jobs than any other in South Africa,” added Tammy. 

WATCH: Drunk DA’s Premier Candidate Alan Winde