Mpanza’s Book Gets A Boost From African Flavour Books

Rethink Business Director, Phelelani Mpanza. PICTURE: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG: Rethink Business signed a historical partnership with African Flavour Media to increase distribution for Phelelani Mpanza’s book. 

The agreement, according to the statement issued by Rethink Business Group, will see an increase to the local distribution channel for Mpanza’s book. “The impact of forms of capital on Corporate Entrepreneurship in State-Owned Entreprises.

His books explore how different forms of capital (Economic, Human, and Social Capital) can be utilized to continuously grow State Owned Enterprises. SA Government can no longer afford to financial bailouts SOEs. The sample for this book were prominent SOEs such as Transnet, Eskom and South African Airways (SAA) senior management.

Mpanza suggested that SOEs should maximize the use of its human capital to create new product innovations to remain competitive in their respective marketplace.

The company further explains it delight in the partnership agreement. Rethink Business, “is delighted to announce its partnership agreement with African Flavour Media (Pty) Ltd (“African Flavour Bookstore”).”

African Flavour Media and Rethink Business entered into a partnership agreement. PICTURE: Supplied

“The partnership agreement will seek to improve to the local distribution channel for the book titled “The impact of forms of capital on Corporate Entrepreneurship in State-Owned Enterprises: A South African Perspective” published by our Director, Phelelani Mpanza,” explains the statement. 

Mpanza, who is also a Provincial Secretary of Progressive Professionals Forum Young Professionals in Gauteng and lectures second years in the field of Entrepreneurship at the University of the Witwatersrand School of Economics and Business Sciences, published his book in June this year which has attracted an overwhelming interest across the country. 

“Since the publication of the book on the 13th June 2018 on Morebooks online platforms, the book has attracted overwhelming interest from various groups including but not limited to South African Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Business organisations and Entrepreneurship scholars, alike,” the company said in a statement. 

African Flavour Media which owns books stores in Gauteng was founded by Fortiscue Helepi. “African Flavour Bookstore is a 100% black-owned bookstore focusing on distributing African literature books and is strategically located in Braamfontein, with other bookstores in Vanderbijlpark and Soweto (opening soon),” further reads the statement. 

Mpanza’s book will be launch at African Flavour Bookstore in Braamfontein and will be sold at retail price of R350 per copy.

The date of the launch will be announced soon.