Fearless 5 Wants Maimane To ‘Apoligise’ To Them Live on TV

Five former Cape Town DA councillors hit out at party leadership. PICTURE: ANA

CAPE TOWN: A former councillor has questioned the independence of an investigation into various issues at the City of Cape Town.

Suzette Little is among a group of five councillors who’ve quit the municipality, as well as the Democratic Alliance (DA), amid a broader spat and controversy involving outgoing Mayor Patricia de Lille.

They’ve accused DA leader Mmusi Maimane of falsely implicating them in wrongdoing.

The five are demanding an apology from him by the end of business day on Monday or Little emphasises they’ll go to court.

“He’s got to apologise by 6 pm, he’s got to do it the same way he accused us… he went out to the media, on live television and accused us. Now he’s got to go back to television and apologise.”

She claims there was direct interference in the party’s city caucus to adopt the investigation report.

“Mmusi Maimane came into caucus and instructed caucus to vote for the investigation. Mmusi said if we do not vote for it, we will be fired.”

However, the DA’s Natasha Mazzone insists the party has not influenced the probe nor its outcome.

“The DA had nothing to do with that investigation, it was commissioned by the City of Cape Town. It was agreed to by a full sitting of the City Council of Cape Town.”