Will De Lille’s Party Make An Impact In 2019 General Elections?

Former Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille announced she is staying in politics. PICTURE: Courtney Africa/African News

CAPE TOWN: On Sunday afternoon, Patricia De Lille announced her decision to reinvent her political career by introducing a new political order.

The former Cape Town Mayor, who resigned and left the DA last month, says today’s politics has failed South Africans and many have lost their faith in politicians.

De Lille says an IPSOS survey confirms she still enjoys widespread support and she’s taken the decision to contest the 2019 elections in all nine provinces.

“Today I am announcing my response to the many thousands of South Africans who have reached out to me with one resounding request: that I do not give up on the good fight for a better South Africa.”

Meanwhile, many have suggested that the Democratic Alliance’s dominance in the Western Cape will suffer a huge blow in the next general elections. 

“De Lille presents an image of the politics of retribution & disgruntlement towards her former political home. She will have to offer a real – and equal – critique of both the ANC & EFF (not just the DA) to be seen as a credible player in national politics,” Political Economy Analyst, Daniel Silke said on twitter. 

“The DA is already on the defensive given the saga. Although she might over-estimate her following, a fatigue with the incumbents (DA) in the W Cape presents her with a platform to damage her former home & raise her profile nationally,” he added. 

Furthermore, according to an Independent Political Analyst, Molifi Tshabalala, “It is very difficult to tell whether her party will really upset the DA because it does not have an ideological identity as it stands, whether it is on the left or right on an ideological scale.”

Molifi continued to say “if it is on the left, then it will have to challenge the EFF and the new Numsa party, bit if it is on the right, it will have to take on the ANC and the DA in the main.”

Although for Molifi, de Lille’s new party “may force the DA to invest more resources in Western Cape, which will work in its favour”. 

The party is to be officially launched at the start of next year.