UDM Leader Bantu Holomisa Calls For PIC Boss To Go Now

UDM Leader Bantu Holomisa calls for PIC Boss to go immediately. PICTURE: Mail Images (Archive)

JOHANNESBURG: Holomisa says Public Investment Corporation, Dan Matjila must step down immediately.

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) says Public Investment Corporation (PIC) CEO Dan Matjila should have resigned a long time ago considering his alleged role in a PIC deal involving Nhlanhla Nene’s son.

Earlier The Republic Mail reported that Matjila has offered to step down from the PIC, but only in five months.

It’s understood that Matjila has not actually submitted his resignation but has merely proposed that he will do so at the end of January under a plan which will see him remain chief executive during a three-month notice period ending in April.

It is said he will also avail himself to assist the commission of inquiry which President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed to investigate the affairs of the PIC.

Speaking to a Johannesburg-based radio, Holomisa said, “one of the reasons why Nene resigned is because of the deal of Mozambique because of his son and the role played by Matjila, if it is debated in the forthcoming inquiry, that on it’s own would have allowed government to replace Matjila.” 

In October, the Mail & Guardian and amaBhungane reported that Siyabonga Nene asked the PIC to fund part of a deal between a company he ran with business partner Muhammad Amir Mirza — Indiafrec Trade and Invest — to acquire 50% of S& S Refinery LDA in Mozambique in 2014. 

A senior ANC leader reportedly to have said Nene (senior) had asked his son to pull out of the deal after he became aware of it.

Meanwhile, Holomisa contends that “in so far as his offer, it is clear that this is a deal that has been hammered by the ANC leadership which has been benefiting over the years through misusing this fund”.

“Matjila must not play a Zuma card to us, to say I need to groom or handover this or that. He is going under the cloud. He should leave now so that the staff at PIC are free to testify. Matjila must not play games, he must go now,” he added. 

The board is expected to sit on Friday.