‘I’d Give Up My Position To Unite ANC’ – Mabuza

Former Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza gestures during an interview about talks about his career and his future plans in politics during an interview on February 23, 2017 in Nelspruit, South Africa. PICTURE: Masi Losi

JOHANNESBURG: Mabuza has announced that he is prepared to offer anybody his position if that would unite warring factions within the ANC.

He was speaking during the door-to-door Thuma Mina campaign he headed on last week. This was in reaction to the factions within the province which have caused chaos and taken each other to court demanding the disbanding of the provincial executive committee and alleged bogus branches within the province, Mpumalanga News reported

“The problem we’re having in the ANC is the grappling for positions. As the National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Working Committee (NWC), we are going to deal with that matter as we’re all in the province.

“We are going to attend to this. What matters is the unity of the organisation, rather than positions. If some people are so desperate for positions, I’m prepared to give up my position to anybody who wants it, as long as that move will unite the organisation,” said Mabuza.

“The ANC was founded on principles of unifying all people of this country. It’s not about individuals, but leading the people on the ground towards a united South African society, both black and white which the organisation has been able to achieve and sustain for more than 100 years of its existence. The founding fathers of the ANC never grappled for positions but fought for the unification of all people, hence we are the government of the day since 1994 and we will continue ensuring that we sustain that culture of the ANC,” he stated.

Last Monday the NEC and NWC met in Mbombela to deal with some of those pressing matters.
Asked about his recent ill health, as he went for treatment in Russia, Mabuza said, “Yes, I was in Russia for a two-week treatment there because it was there that they diagnosed me and they have records of how I should be treated.

“As a matter of clarity though, I paid for my trip to Russia, including my treatment and the state paid for the bodyguards, which is a requisite given my position in government. I was received by the Russian government who placed me in a government hospital, according to protocol. I’m back and I’m very well because this has been my fourth medical trip to Russia,” he explained.