ANCYL’s Mtsweni Lashes Modern Day Sell-out Lekota

Mtsweni has come out strongly against Cope leader. PICTURE: Mail Images

JOHANNESBURG: ANCYL leader has challenged the bona-fides of Lekota who sold out and left the liberation movement to side with Boers. 

This comes after the Cope leader Mosioua Lekota made the claims during the second day of the State of the Nation (Sona) debate, insisting President Cyril Ramaphosa had collaborated with apartheid authorities in the early 1970s.

Lekota received a standing ovation from the EFF, FF Plus and DA MPs after accusing Ramaphosa of being a sell-out. 

However, the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League (YL) national executive committee (NEC) member and presidential frontrunner, Sifiso Mtsweni has come strongly against Lekota. 

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According to Mtsweni, “We may not have lived during the dark days of apartheid, all we know is that the liberation movement led by the ANC led a heroic battle against well-oiled apartheid machinery which had nuclear capabilities! Apartheid as a governing system was defeated and democracy was ushered.”

“However, this democracy has not fundamentally altered the structural base of the economic system that was designed by [the] apartheid regime which means that the struggle continues! A real sell-out is anyone who is opposed to the fundamental transformation of the economic terrorism that was unleashed on our people!” said Mtsweni. 

Lekota has been opposed to land expropriation without compensation and he also ignited controversy in Parliament last year after saying that colonisers did not steal land from black people, because the Khoisan entered into an agreement with settlers for their land to be taken. 

Mtsweni who strongly believe in addressing the structural challenges that affect mainly young people in the country is among many those who criticised Lekota. Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi defended Ramaphosa against the claims. He revealed that they had first asked Lekota about these allegations as far back as 1983.

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For Mtsweni, “Anyone opposed to the expropriation of land without compensation and nationalization of the strategic sectors of the economy that will benefit the people of this country as a whole is the real sell-outs!”

“The struggle did not end just because we can vote, up until we achieve all the ideals enshrined in the freedom charter and a prosperous non-racial, non-sexist society, we will not entertain squabbles of modern day sell outs because that’s exactly what Terror Lekota is, a modern day sell out!, concluded Mtsweni. 

Meanwhile, an Independent Political Analyst, Molifi Tshabalala said, “COPE president Mosiua Lekota has given the EFF a rallying point. Unfortunately, President Cyril Ramaphosa cannot just shrug off this allegation without a commission of inquiry to investigate it.”

Tshabalala linked the allegations raised by Lekota against Ramaphosa as the same one that was raised against the former national director of Public Prosecutions, Bulelani Ngcuka. 

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“When the report emerged that Bulelani Ngcuka might have been an RS452 apartheid spy, former President Thabo Mbeki set up the Hefer Commission to clear him. At his disposal, Mbeki had information that Ngcuka was not the apartheid spy, but he needed an inquiry to absolve him,” Tshabalala said. 

Ramaphosa will respond to MPs questions today in the National Assembly. ;