ANC’s Kodwa & Mabe Agree To Step Aside As Spokespersons

ANC spokesperson Dakota Legoete during the press briefing at Luthuli House in Johannesburg. PICTURE: MyANC

African National Congress (ANC) has confirmed its spokespersons Mabe and Kodwa have agreed to step aside. 

ANC secretary general Ace Magashule says it was Zizi Kodwa and Pule Mabe who each requested that they not fulfill their full responsibilities while they face separate claims of sexual violence.

On Tuesday morning, two national working committee (NWC) members are reportedly to have said that a decision had been taken for the pair to “step aside” from their roles as official spokespersons for the party.

On Saturday, ANC deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte confirmed that a woman had sent a rape complaint against a high-ranking official to the office of the secretary general. 

Duarte said the party had advised the woman to approach the police with her complaint.

“The advice we’ve given the complainant is that she needs to go to the criminal justice system with her complaint,” Duarte said.

On Sunday, Kodwa denied the claims against him, saying they were “replete with false accusations”.

He described it as a “dirty tricks campaign” aimed at “political blackmail and manipulation”.

In December, Mabe’s former personal assistant accused him of sexual harassment.

The matter was heard by a grievance panel and Mabe was subsequently cleared of all charges.