Youth Day: Soweto Entrepreneurs Hangout For Youth Fest


JOHANNESBURG: This is the event for the youth to come alive and celebrate being young and having to meet up with like-minded individuals. It is Youth Day after all and we ought to have fun […]

SCORN AND RIDICULE: Corporate Crises Expose Leaders To New Challenge…

PICTURE: Supplied

By Auguste Coetzer A series of corporate communication missteps and ponderous responses has exposed a gap in the skills mix at executive and directorial levels across South Africa … what to do in a rapidly […]

Phenomenal Woman: Strategist And Owner Of A Digital Agency – Zeenat Mahomed

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A Founder and Owner of her own Small Business Digital agency, I met Zeenat Mahomed earlier this year. We were introduced by a mutual business colleague, a web developer working on my website, who is now […]