Tips On How To Sweat Proof Your Make-Up


  Tebogo Motlhasedi  Take it from a girl with oily skin, that is prone to acne break – outs. Trying to wipe sweat or oily skin constantly without ruining your make up is an art […]

Zesty And Fresh Pasta For Summer

Tebogo Motlhasedi The coriander and lemon spaghetti is great for summer because it is light and leafy plus, minus all the heavy sauces that contribute to weight gain.  This is an easy meal to put […]

Calories Your Favourite Drink Could Contain

PICTURE: Diariosalud.onlin

Katleho Thamae Often time we don’t realize the importance of what you drink is as important as what you eat. Summer is always filled with a celebratory spirit which triggers a fast metabolism to indulge […]