NEVER-SAY-DIE-SPIRIT: The Man Who Gave Soweto Its Name Back In 1963

MAN ABOUT TOWN: Tshehla Michael Phahlane, middle, lived in obscurity and passed away with little fanfare. PICTURE: Dumisani Dube

He wore his passion for this noble art on his sleeve and with his elegant but cheeky prose, championed its beauty and cause on the pages of the racy publication. Jazz introduced him to a […]

Ben Trovato Writes An Open Letter To DJ Black Coffee On That Israeli Gig

PICTURE: Majdi Mohammed

You people – deejays, not black people – are like the taxi drivers of the music business. Instead of women saying, “Take me to Verulam and please don’t kill me” they say “Play some reggae […]

African History Month: Black Supremacy

PICTURE: Supplied

Again whiteness and blackness is a mental attitude. European children continue to learn supremacy embedded in their parent’s upbringing and Africans have to work extra hard to rid themselves of the inferiority before it rubs […]