Casino Software, Global Players, And ‘Riding The Roo’: Top Trading Online Companies For The 2018 Economy

PICTURE: Birmingham Mail

JOHANNESBURG: Deliveroo has been valued at more than $2billion recently, and boast about expansion plans that are going to make them a truly global player in the world of food delivery.  In days gone by, “online […]

NAPAfrica Reaches Top 15 Of The World’s Largest IXPs

PICTURE: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG: NAPAfrica proves the crucial role of a strong peering community in building Africa’s Internet ecosystem.  Teraco, Africa’s only vendor neutral data centre, has announced that Africa’s largest Internet Exchange Point (IXP), NAPAfrica is now ranked in […]

Two Important Ways Cloud Computing Can Boost Small Business In South Africa


What a time to be alive for South African small businesses specifically with the information age booming, giving small and low budget businesses to scale and reach broader customers. Interestingly, with the growth of this […]