Corona Jazz Session

PICTURE: Joburg.c

Good beer and a nice jazz session is what the Corona jazz session is bringing you. This event takes visitors on a taste local craft beer which will be followed by a performance of a full […]

Botswanian DJ Is Yet To Mount Up With Wings In Triumph


The young vibrant aspiring DJ, Kutlo Dinake (18) is popularly known by ‘KutloScope’. The artists dream gets ready to take off with a bang this year as she embraces the call of her talent and […]

A Pursuing Flame In Music Becomes Abundant

PICTURE: David Lekabe

The aspiring versatile artist Nokuthula Mataboge (24) is popularly known by ‘MissTulz’ which derives from both her personality and her ability in being equipped with tools to achieve and conquer in her music journey. In […]