Veli Mbele Find It Very Difficult To ‘Celebrate’ Siya Kolisi’s Appointment As Captain Of The Springboks

PICTURE: Timeslive

I love and respect my Brother Siya Kolisi and wish him well, but I must also be honest, I am genuinely afraid for him and therefore can’t in good conscience ‘celebrate’ his captaincy of the […]

African History Month: Black Supremacy

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Again whiteness and blackness is a mental attitude. European children continue to learn supremacy embedded in their parent’s upbringing and Africans have to work extra hard to rid themselves of the inferiority before it rubs […]

The Importance Of Teaching South Africans About Apartheid

Staff Writer | The Republic Mail

We need to teach young white South Africans that while their parents were enjoying Saturday braais, their Black contemporaries were attending mass funerals for their schoolmates who were protesting the apartheid system; writes Khethu Xaba. […]