UWC Principals’ Recognition Award Athlone School For The Blind

PICTURE: Harriet Box

CAPE TOWN: The experience of seeing a young visually impaired child respond positively to the sound of an instrument tugs at one’s heartstrings, but knowing your University helped create this opportunity, makes it even more […]

PhD Graduate Gets To The Bottom Of Substance Abuse In Families

PICTURE: Harriet Box

By Harriet Box CAPE TOWN: Dr Edna Rich firmly believes the fight against drug abuse, especially in children, begins at the family level – the most powerful setting in any child’s life. It’s an idea […]

Prof Linda De Vries Retires, But Stays Active In Community And Teaching

PICTURE: Supplied

CAPE TOWN: There has been a lot of talk about entrepreneurship and strengthening the economy during today’s budget speech. At the University of the Western Cape (UWC), there is a special academic who can look […]