‘White Youth Need To Join ANCYL’ – Nzuza

Outgoing ANCYL Secreatry General Njabulo Nzuza. PICTURE: Mail Images

JOHANNESBURG: He insisted that the league, like its mother body, could not exist as just an organization for black Africans. The ANC Youth League‘s (ANCYL) policies on the economy and land do not mean that […]

WATCH: EFF Leader Julius Malema Warns Of All-Out Revolution

PICTURE: Screenshot

JOHANNESBURG: The EFF commander-in-chief told Turkish news network TRT World he has not called for the murder of white people – ‘at least for now’. In an in-depth interview with the Turkish-based 24-hour news network, […]

White Consciousness: Is There Such A Thing?

PICTURE: SA History Online

They serve. The only thing they are conscious about, is protecting all the wealth, accumulated over and through unjust means.  They are conscious not to part with the economic power, through the ownership of the […]